Supporting Fuel Management Systems

Over 30 Years Of Providing Consistent Support To Every Client

Runs On Any Windows OS

The VST system uses minimal memory, and can run on any windows based machine.

Designed Not To Fail

Our systems are designed simply and durably, with minimal points of failure.

Nationwide Support

VST provides support nationwide, via phone, screenshare, or video chat.

Quality Assurance Service Guarantee

Guaranteed Quality, 1 Year Full Warranty

Clients who hire VST to design and build their fueling systems may require support from time to time. From components wearing out, to additions and retrofits, the needs of business tend to vary over time. At VST, we support our clients in every way possible, from repairs and parts, to debugging and analysis. While the VST Fuel Tracking system itself is extremely reliable, we are available to support that as well, whether by phone for national clients, or in person for clients in the southwest. With over 25 continuous years in business, we have proven our reliability and commitment to clients time and again.

Detailed Documentation

We provide detailed written instructions for the VST fuel management system, and for the accompanying software. Additionally, we are available by phone or in person to walk clients through any issues they may be having. Our systems are designed as simply as possible, and are compatible with any existing computer operating systems or pumping stations.

Installation Instructions
Electrical Diagram