Securing Fuel Dispensing Systems

Totally Secure Hardware For Authorizing & Tracking Fuel

Pin Code

You can assign pin codes for each employee, and even have 2 step entry, which involves a pin code for the vehicle, job, employee or anything else.

Security Card

The VST fuel system has been designed to work with magnetic security cards, we ship and install units with card readers integrated.

Data Key

We can customize our system to accommodate virtually any need. Some clients prefer access via Data Key, and our hardware can do that.

fuel delivery software

Why Do You Need Secure Fuel System Hardware?

Securing your fuel prevents theft, waste and helps to expense jobs correctly. The VST cabinet is a aluminum which can transmit data via wifi, cellular and even radio signal. The construction of the system means that no fuel can flow through the nozzle with out the system authorizing and allowing it. It cuts off the flow of fuel entirely until proper credential authorize that product to flow. Companies who had not previously been using fuel management systems have reported enormous savings the moment VST was implemented.