Preparing Your Property for a Commercial Fleet

You’re growing your business, and now it’s time to consider expanding your vehicle base. You can’t rely on the single company car or work truck that you have. You need to send more reps out in the field, or you need to hire more, to meet the needs of your growing customer base. You have the demand, and you have the budget to expand. There’s just one problem: Your property won’t support the needs of a commercial fleet.

Commercial Fleet

You may need to expand your property, or you may need to make some alterations to it to accommodate your fleet. Here are some things you may need to change, depending on the size of your fleet, the type of vehicles you have, and the current characteristics of your property:

Expand the Parking Lot

With more cars or trucks for your business, you will need more space to park the vehicles. You can’t rely on your current parking lot – otherwise, you’ll take spaces away from your customers, which will negatively influence customer satisfaction.

You will almost certainly need to expand your parking lot to prepare your property for your new commercial fleet. If you have limited space and are unable to purchase more land, you may need to consider building a parking deck. Of course, your options will be determined by the zoning and other factors governing the property.

Add a Fueling Area

If your fleet is large enough, you will save time and money by adding a fueling area to your property. You will have your own tank and manage your own fuel distribution, rather than sending drivers out to fuel up and then submit their expenses to you. Using a good fuel management system will help you keep better track of fuel usage and expenses, as well.

You’ll need the help of a specialty contractor to add a fueling area to your property. It will require digging out an area of your property, putting proper safety measures in place, and much more. You’ll also need to consult with a fuel supplier to know what storage facilities and access are needed for the delivery.

Provide Security

A larger fleet means more assets that can be stolen. Don’t think that a big company decal on the side of the vehicle will deter thieves. Any vehicle is a target for thieves, and an entire parking lot of vehicles can look like a honey pot.

You must have security measures in place to protect your fleet. Of course, the vehicles themselves should have alarms and locks on them, but you should also put security measures in place on your property. For starters, you should have a fence around your property that is locked at all times. Employees should have a key or access code to get into the fence and secure a vehicle. You should also install surveillance cameras and other security measures.

Ensure Privacy

One way to keep your commercial fleet safe is to keep it out of sight. You don’t have to hide your fleet, but you also shouldn’t park it right in front of your property. You might as well put a huge bull’s eye on it.

An easy way to add some privacy to your property is to put up a brick wall or privacy fence, such as a wooden or vinyl fence. Park the fleet behind that fence to keep it out of sight. The fleet won’t be hidden, but it also won’t be attracting a lot of attention.

Provide Easy Access

Employees may have a new route around the building now that they are driving a vehicle in a larger fleet that has to be accommodated elsewhere on the property. That means they may have to park in the back of the building even though they enter in the front. You may need to provide new points of access at the rear of the building, which can involve adding doors, security features, and more.

You may need to provide several points of access, depending on how big your building is and where your fleet is located.

Talk with an AZ contractor about what your property needs to accommodate your commercial fleet. There may be additional things your property needs that haven’t even occurred to you.

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