How Fuel Tracking Can Influence the Bottom Line in Agriculture

When we think about the biggest influences on the bottom line for agriculture, we might think about things like drought, pest infestation, market demand, and crop yield. But fuel is also a major resource for agriculture operations, and the fluctuation in price and use can contribute significantly to profit losses or gains in agriculture.

Fortunately, installing a fuel management system can help. Here are a few ways that fuel tracking can influence the bottom line in agriculture:

Fuel Tracking

Monitor the Efficiency of Tractors and Equipment

Huge tractors used to plow, harvest, and plant use up significant amounts of fuel. Other equipment does, as well, including sorting and processing equipment. When those machines become less efficient, agriculture operations can lose a lot of money because they have to buy much more fuel.

Using a fuel management system can alert owners to when fuel usage is up. When they notice that, they can then investigate the reason, which may lead to the discovery of problems with the tractors or other equipment that are making them less efficient. Making these improvements will not only save on fuel usage, but doing so can also extend the life of the equipment and potentially save money on repairs later.

Identify Leaks Early

Leaks can drip slowly for months before they are detected, and in that time, a significant amount of fuel can be lost. Fuel usage tracking can help those in agriculture identify when more fuel than normal is being used, and that can lead to identification of a leak as early as possible. Owners can then make repairs to stop the losses, which will save money and potentially prevent the need for even more serious and expensive repairs later. Fuel Station

Reduce the Risk of Unauthorized Use

When a huge fuel pump install has taken place, the workers might start getting ideas. What’s to stop them from pulling up their personal vehicles and filling up for free for life? Or to fill up some portable containers to take home for their personal lawn equipment? Some may even try to turn a profit by filling up and selling some of that fuel.

A good fuel management system not only allows operations to track fuel usage, but also to authorize different people to have access to the fuel. Designating authorized users cuts down on the risk of people taking fuel for personal use or stealing it for profit. Losses are lowered, and the bottom line is better protected.

Better Manage Inventory Levels

After putting in a fuel pump or storage tank, some agriculture operations may lean toward over-ordering fuel to have on hand in case of need. The problem is that fuel can evaporate, and over time, huge losses can occur. With a fuel management system, agriculture operations can better manage their inventory levels so they aren’t buying up a lot of fuel that they don’t need (and that may be eventually lost).

Proper inventory management is essential to better cost management, which will protect the bottom line in agriculture and other industries.

Gas StationGetting a fuel management system requires contacting a fueling system contractor or a fuel tank installer. These professionals can help agriculture leaders understand what structure is required for the system and how it will help the overall operations, including protecting the bottom line. Fuel is a precious resource in agriculture operations, and it is essential to profits that it is used wisely. A good fuel management system can help leaders better understand their inventory needs, ensure that their equipment is efficient, and prevent losses from theft or leaks.

VST, or Value Systems Technology, offers a cutting-edge fuel management system that can help leaders in agriculture and other industries better monitor their fuel use and cut costs. Our system is secure and easy to use, with a simple and user-friendly design. It is weather-resistant, so it will not malfunction in inclement weather, and it requires little maintenance. The system issues detailed reports so that leaders can make informed decisions about their fuel management. Contact us today to talk with a fuel system installer to get a free estimate for your system or to get more information about how the system works and how it can help you.


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