15 09, 2018

Preparing Your Property for a Commercial Fleet

Preparing Your Property for a Commercial Fleet You’re growing your business, and now it’s time to consider expanding your vehicle base. You can’t rely on the single company car or work truck that you have. You need to send more reps out in the field, or you need to hire more, to meet the needs of your growing customer base. You have the demand, and you have the budget to expand. There’s just one problem: Your property won’t support the needs of a commercial fleet. You may need to expand your property, or you may need to make some alterations to it to accommodate your fleet. Here are some things you may need to change, depending on the size of your fleet, the type of vehicles you have, and the current characteristics of your property: Expand the Parking Lot With more cars or trucks for your business, you will need more space [...]

12 09, 2018

How Fuel Tracking Can Influence the Bottom Line in Agriculture

How Fuel Tracking Can Influence the Bottom Line in Agriculture When we think about the biggest influences on the bottom line for agriculture, we might think about things like drought, pest infestation, market demand, and crop yield. But fuel is also a major resource for agriculture operations, and the fluctuation in price and use can contribute significantly to profit losses or gains in agriculture. Fortunately, installing a fuel management system can help. Here are a few ways that fuel tracking can influence the bottom line in agriculture: Monitor the Efficiency of Tractors and Equipment Huge tractors used to plow, harvest, and plant use up significant amounts of fuel. Other equipment does, as well, including sorting and processing equipment. When those machines become less efficient, agriculture operations can lose a lot of money because they have to buy much more fuel. Using a fuel management system can alert owners to when fuel usage [...]