Gas Pump repair services provide the customers with gas repair service with a fair and reasonable value, at a considerable payment. On the principle of “Treat as we want ourself to be treated,” GPRS has been successful in framing itself in the modern means of repairs environment. Whether it is an equipment break or your equipment needs service, we are always there with the minimum cost and at the time always. We are always available at your first response within 48 hours.

Our services can be used only in the state of Arizona, USA. A full service of Incon tanks monitoring systems, with services for Veeder-Root, Red Jacket, AutoStik, and other systems are provided by us at a reasonable cost anywhere in the state of Arizona. Our service also contains parts for smaller fueling systems, such as GPI, that is not easily available.

Whether it is a task of replacing drawers or printers which is for most Point of Sale systems, we are always there at your door. We repair fuel filters, parts like a keypad, printer and more with our gas pump installation contractors. An insurance estimate of 14 days supplemented with a close clean up of the appliance is the main task we are famous for.

In our recent goals, we are looking forward to preparing an inspection program to help customers to comply with required monthly tank & fueling system inspection & documentation. We will also provide a certificate of completion for your records after completion of the inspection. And at the end most importantly, labour is billed at sixty dollars per hour, by the quarter-hour. There is a minimum charge of the one-half hour for all calls. Also, trip Charges are based upon distance from our Snellville office, near Rockdale, which we accept as a check, card or money order.